No-Sew Digital Flags

Save money! No-Sew digital flags are the same quality FX flag you know and love only you cut and sew. This allows us to offer them at a lower price than our regular sewn flags.

No-Sew Digital Flags

No-Sew Digital Flags


$21.95/flag - 6' Standard flags on poly-china silk.

$29.95/flag - w/ Fluorescent ink

Do you want to access the professional collaborative process and state-of-the-art printing technology that Field and Floor FX has to offer, but feel those services might not be in your budget? Consider the No-Sew option!

The No-Sew option was developed to provide you with the quality flags you have come to expect at a value you can get behind.

The Field and Floor FX No-Sew option allows you to cut and sew your flags, and includes:

  • Your flag design on poly China silk fabric

  • 1 sewn sample

  • Simple step-by-step instructions

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