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Articles and insights on current events and things going on in the sport of the arts.

Now that you have evaluated your program and created goals for the year ahead it is time to put you plan into action.

Honest evaluation is crucial. Creating realistic goals and communicating those goals to your entire team should be at the top of your priority list this Spring.

Pat yourself on the back for making it this far, for driving the ship that is your program right through the center of this pandemic full steam ahead.

When all the details in a production are considered, this can yield to great results that not only help us to understand the What and How of design, but also Why.

Using a the right company to produce your performance products can add immense value to your production.

When you think back to where we were as a community several months ago with so many unknowns, it is time to pat yourself on the back for getting this far.

The goal is always to make your production look as polished and high end as possible. Know your budget; get creative. You can do a lot with a handful of strategically placed, digitally printed pieces throughout your design. Create cohesion and make the negative space a part of your graphic story.

"Five or ten years from now, there is no doubt that we will all look back on this crazy time as a rebirth of sorts, not just through our personal growth but for our activity as a whole. Soak in all of the possibilities and continue to go beyond what you ever thought was possible, you are doing it!"